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Our Mission & Vision

At Bullock Creek Cowboy Church, our mission is to connect people to a growing, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our vision is to create a church where people can experience God, connect in a relationship with God and others, and respond to what God is doing. 

Our Values

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Experience a real God for your real life. You don't have to have it all figured out before you come to Him. God loves you right where you are, and we want our church to be a place where you truly experience His love.


Connect in relationship with God and others. We believe life is meant to be lived in close community with our Creator and the ones He created. Our focus is on helping you connect with and grow closer to God so that you might connect with and grow closer to our community of believers.



Respond to what God is doing in your life through sharing with and serving others. We want to be a church that shows our faith in the way we live our lives. That's why we keep our eyes open for ways to serve others while sharing what God has done for us.

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Our Beliefs

We believe that the gospel of Christ is the hope of the world, and it's the heart of the church to bring that hope to others. This belief is the foundation of our church and informs all we preach, teach, and practice.

The Trinity

     There is One God who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the Son of God

     Jesus took on humanity to reveal God to the world. He is the Savior of world who, by taking on our sins through death on a cross and resurrection, gave us eternal life with God.

The Holy Spirit

     The Holy Spirit dwells in believers and empowers them to live Godly lives.


     There is power in prayer, and we encourage all to take their hearts to God in prayer.


     All people are made in the likeness of God and salvation is made available to all who would receive it through Jesus Christ.

The Bible

     The Bible is the inspired word of God.

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